Help and Advice on Poor job From Fencing Contractor and Unsure What to do
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Help and Advice on Poor job From Fencing Contractor and Unsure What to do

by fgreen79 » Sun Sep 01, 2019 8:54 pm

Hi could i ask for some advice and peoples opinions and also just to check that i am not being unreasonable.

I collected quotes from people to replace a small area of picket fence on our driveway entrance. Booked in contractor to start 2nd week September. Last week he emailed me on the Wednesday to start the following day, i said ok, but informed him i had to be out at 10:30 taking children to dentist. He had not turned up before we left, received an email to say he was having trouble getting uprights. arrived home, and his man had ripped out our old fence and put in posts and rails to support uprights. Looked at the uprights he had they are not the ones we requested, so he went away, i gave him an upright we had from our other fence to get it to match as close as possible, he sent me an email of a stained dark one, they are supposed to be green so go natural. explained oit was to dark. Following day, arrived home and found fence 3/4 put up and itr was dark stained wood. tried to get hold of the boss, sent him email with pictures to show it was wrong, explained he couldn't speak to me today as he was in hospital. His man finished up and left. I then didn't here back so went the boss an email with photo evidence to show what was wrong with the fence
1) wrong color
2) posts are in at different heights so some parts post is above picket line some points it is below.
3) posts are not put in even distance along.

Person says he will come this week and remove it. so i asked him if he will finishe the job he says no as he has lost money on it, so i have asked him he needs to make the garden secure again as i have 4 young children the youngest being 2 and next to a main road. He is now threatening to take me to court.

Any idea what i can do please?
1) can he remove fence with out re securing garden as it was secure before he started work and ripping out my old fence.
2) can he take me to court as he has completed the job substandard and not to requirement.

Thank you

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