Help Needed With Removing Stud Wall Between Wardrobes
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Help Needed With Removing Stud Wall Between Wardrobes

Post by mishel02 » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:22 am

Hello, In my bedroom there are 2 seperate cupboard next to each other. The normal doors were removed and a sliding wardrobe pit on the front of them. It was badly done and falls off all the time. I had a wardrobe company come in to give me a quote
for them to install new doors but he was reluctant to do it.

I want to remove the stud wall between the 2 cupboards to make a walk in wardrobe. He told me to do it myself to save money but there are a couple of things im not sure about.

I have included photos. There is a combi boilder in the right hand cupboard on the outside wall and there is a raised platform in the left hand cupboard (which I had hoped to remove). But after pulling the front cover off I can see the slope of my stairs and there are pipes sticking up from the boiler (theu look badly installed).

Can this left hand florr be lowered at all? Also is this a stad wall and I can I remove it? The wardrobe guy told me to also take out the wall above the doors to open up the space floor to ceiling. Would this be easy to do and would this be the best option. He wants to put the doors on floor to ceiling and I had thought they would go in the alcove?

My dad just to help me with all my DIY but passed away in Nov and I have nobody to ask advice from, thanks Michelle :)

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Re: Help Needed With Removing Stud Wall Between Wardrobes

Post by tileclipproman » Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:18 pm

That does not look like a diy job from the photos as you may have to move pipes and cables,I would go for a second opinion before you start any work.

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