Help with baby gates and plasterboard
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Help with baby gates and plasterboard

by MrBlue » Wed Nov 15, 2023 12:07 pm

Hi everyone

I'm a novice DIYer and I'm trying to install some baby gates and having some issues. The gates we've got are the Cuggl ones that must be screwed into the wall.

The problem I'm having (so far) is how to screw the plasterboard plugs into the plasterboard. The gates came with some plugs but they are general purpose wall plugs and I presume not suited to plasterboard. So I bought some nylon self drilling plasterboard plugs.

I've got a DeWald cordless drill (very powerful one, my father in law gave it to me) and I used that on the impact setting. All that happened is that the nylon plug disintegrated and there is now a small hole in the plasterboard. Please hold your laughter.

Am I using the right plug? Did I just do it wrong? What should I do now?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Help with baby gates and plasterboard

by liors12 » Thu Nov 16, 2023 7:29 am

I dig you, installing baby gates can be tricky, especially with plasterboard walls. It sounds like you're using the correct type of plugs for plasterboard, but the issue might be with the drill setting or technique.

Here's what you can try:

Drill Speed and Pressure: Plasterboard can be delicate, so try using a lower speed on your drill and apply gentle pressure. High speed or excessive force can cause the plasterboard to crumble or the plug to disintegrate.

Pre-Drilling: Sometimes, making a small pilot hole before inserting the plug can help. Use a smaller drill bit than the plug diameter to create a guide hole.

Manual Screw Insertion: Instead of using the drill, try inserting the plugs manually using a screwdriver. This can provide more control and prevent the plugs from disintegrating.

Consider Different Plugs: If the self-drilling plugs aren't working, you might try different types of plasterboard anchors or plugs specifically designed for plasterboard. Some options include toggle bolts or hollow wall anchors.

Seek Assistance: If you're still facing issues, consider seeking help from a hardware store or a professional for advice on the best anchors or methods for your specific plasterboard type.

Remember, safety is crucial, especially with baby gates. Ensure the gates are securely anchored before relying on them to keep little ones safe. If needed, consulting a professional handyman or installer might provide the best solution for your situation.

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