Help with Makita Mitre Saw MLS100 - arm not raising blade guard.
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Help with Makita Mitre Saw MLS100 - arm not raising blade guard.

by Storme » Thu Nov 11, 2021 10:02 pm

Hello, Im hoping someone with some experience may be able to help.
I bought a second hand Makita MLS100 mitre saw. (and I've probably been ripped off as I didn't know it had a problem and the seller didnt say anything was wrong with it - so far no reply to my emails from the seller!)
However it may also be a simple fix.

After getting home and investigating the saw I've discovered that the saw has some issues.
I found the blade guard was stuck up in an open position and the torsion spring was sticking out of the casing.
after much research and fiddling, I've managed to remove, clean it all up and refit the guard with the torsion spring back seated in it's home with the result that the blade guard now works and springs back to it's proper position. a little sticky but pretty much functioning. Ideally it could probably do with a new spring.

BUT the black metal arm that is supposed to open the guard just jams against it when you push down on the handle (as if making a cut)
the arm doesn't look bent, warped, or loose, I've really studied the manuals and parts and searched lots of 'stuck blade guards on mitre saws' on google.

There doesn't seem to be anything to move or adjust, and no clogged sawdust areas to stop it working.
The arm moves freely in it's guide, nothing rusted.
There is one screw that I've tried both loose and tight - seems to make no difference.

the blade guard seems to be in exactly the right position and doesn't seem too wobbly for example.

it only starts to do it's job (raising the guard) if you grab hold of the guard and raise it manually most of the way, then the arm pushes it up as it should.
so it's along way off from doing it's job.

if it was a simple case of replacing the arm I'd do that but as I say, I can't really see that there is anything physically wrong with the one on there!
does anyone have any advice?
any help most appreciated.

I have a little ******* clip to show it's (lack of) action - but it looks like I can't upload such files on this forum. Im not sure a pic would really help.

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