Help with New Stair Fittings for Ranch Style Stairs
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Help with New Stair Fittings for Ranch Style Stairs

by DaveGamgee » Thu Nov 25, 2021 6:49 pm

I live in a 1960s house. When I moved in 20 years ago I had solid wood ranch style stairs which sadly were replaced with spindles. Recently I hired a builder (who has done great work for people I know) to restore the stairs to their original style. Cut a long story short, he sent one of his men to do this and made a complete hash of it. Some rethinking later I asked him to redo them with square spindles and a new handrail and base-rail. He’s just finished this yesterday and I am really annoyed at this part where I have two diminishing areas.

So my questions are - am I right to be annoyed? Secondly, how can this be rectified without removing the rest of it (which means spending even more money to fix)?

I attach a (apologies) slightly blurry photo or how they were when done by the original builder and how they look now.

I appreciate any responses that are able to help me with this as I am at my wit’s end with this builder now and I think he may just walk from the job rather than rectifying it and I cannot afford to have them done yet again! Thank you.

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Re: Help with New Stair Fittings for Ranch Style Stairs

by stoneyboy » Fri Nov 26, 2021 10:29 pm

Hi davegamgee,
There’s not a lot one can say apart from you are right to be dis-satisfied with the carpentry even though the second attempt is better than the first. Have you checked the space between the spindles it looks more than the 100mm for BR compliance.
Regards S

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