Help with putting up stud wall in industrial unit
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Help with putting up stud wall in industrial unit

Post by duncanglen » Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:27 am

Morning all!

I am new to this forum, and I am hoping you can help.
I have taken on a small industrial unit, and am looking to put up a stud wall running parallel to an existing concrete block wall. The existing wall was put up to create a separate office and WC, but it does not run up to the eves of the unit, and instead has a ceiling at a height of about 2.50m.

I am planning on putting up my stud partition parallel to this existing wall, to create a corridor. I want the ceiling to the corridor to match the ceiling of the office, and therefore extend the space above the office with that of the space above the corridor so that I can use this as storage. I have been told the existing space above the office is load bearing.

Other facts:
Length of partition wall will need to be 4.62 m, and include a door.

What I am thinking of doing:
- Errecting stud partition wall using 4x2 sawn timber and 12.5 mm tapered plasterboard, finished with joint tape, finishing plaster and sanding down the joins, and then painted.
- Using 4x2 supported in joist supports resting on the block wall on one side, and on the stud wall on the other
- Covering top with chipboard for strength
- Plasterboarding ceiling
- No insulation (this is going to be for a bakery, so insulation is most definitely not required.

Questions I have:
- How can you effectively fit the sole plated, head plates and wall studs to concrete blockwork?
- Is the choice of materials for the stud wall ok?
- Is the choice of materials for the ceiling going to be enough to make it load-bearing?

Any advice you can give a relative newbie on this would be grately appreciated. If you can also advise as to how far apart things need to be positioned (especially for the ceiling) then I would appreciate it as well.

Phew, that's it... thanks again!

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Post by thedoctor » Fri Jan 30, 2009 8:11 pm

See our DIY Projects section on stud or partition walls, plasterboard walls, fixing to masonry and fixing to concrete. All the answers to all of your questions are in the porojects section. See also decorating plasterboard.

Double up on studs which will be taking a joist and make sure there are studs under every joist

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