Help with Workbech Design Constructed from Palet Planks and Knock Down
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Help with Workbech Design Constructed from Palet Planks and Knock Down

by 4n494rc14 » Thu May 19, 2016 2:08 pm

I have been working on the design of a workbench made of palet planks and knock down. The workbench is for my own use, in my own appartment.
I have made a model of it on sketchup, and a video about the model.

Yes, i know the bench is probably over-engineered, but that is what happens when you start designing with the limitations of the material. If i could just use any material, i could probably make it more simple.
I have no budget for the bench, not any kind of money i can or want to spend on it. I wouldnt use pallet planks otherwise.

I would love to get some feedback before i start building it. The main doubts i have about the project are:
- Will the thing hold? (explained in the video)
- Can i make it less complex in any way?
- Given the low quality of the materials used (pallets), did i oversize the pieces enough? Is there any part of the bench that would be compromised?
I am not so worried about some piece eventually breaking because of "long-term stress", because i could easily replace it. I am more worried about some part of the bench being not strong enough and breaking the first day i start using the bench.


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