Hinges for wardrobe to replace sliding door
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Hinges for wardrobe to replace sliding door

by JohnSeers » Tue Apr 02, 2024 11:23 am


I have a built in wardrobe and up near the ceiling there is a storage space with a sliding door that sticks and is difficult to open. I want to replace it with a hinge that rotates up and holds the door in place where you postion it. I cannot find suitable hinges. I would like some advice on what is available and what to look for. Can anyone point me at somewhere to buy them?

I am uncertain on what to buy and I am guessing they are called either torque hinges or friction hinges or something like that. I can find small ones (e.g. for laptops, small boxes etc) but nothing larger or suitable for what I want.

The door is about 90 by 60 cm and weighs perhaps 4/5kg or so.

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Re: Hinges for wardrobe to replace sliding door

by stoneyboy » Mon Apr 08, 2024 9:53 pm

Hi johnseers,
If you search for spring loaded hinges for top hinged doors you should find what you want.
https://images.nexusapp.co/assets/5e/26 ... 543564.jpg.
Regards S

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