Home Gym Floor Concerns
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Home Gym Floor Concerns

by robertscott » Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:39 pm

Considering turning un unused bedroom into a home gym, but it's gotten me worried about the floor and whether or not I'll go crashing through it with a loaded barbell on my back. That'd be quite an inconvenience. My research thus far seems to indicate that:

-Flooring in the UK apparently needs to be able to support 150k per square meter. My bedroom easily can support that.
-The real problem is the fact that when I have a bar on my back all of the weight is focussed on a very small area.

What I am wondering is: does anyone know if that 150k per square meter amount is accurate? My building was built in the 80s, if that matters.

Would putting a platform across the floor where I was standing dissipate the weight enough that the focussed weight wouldn't be a problem anymore? If so - is hardboard plywood suitable for the task or is there a better wood? Or does that just depend on the thickness used (which I might also need a recommendation for)?


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Re: Home Gym Floor Concerns

by synthguy » Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:42 pm

I’d say it’s not ideal, doing heavy squats or deadlifts upstairs. A large sheet of 20mm ply and some rubber matting would help. But if you pushing your limit you might need to drop it and I’d be really worried about that.
A friend of mine built a small outdoor area in his garden for training. If your into strength training consider dinosaur training you’ll save a fortune in equipment.

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