Home made table tennis table.
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Home made table tennis table.

by mrmcox » Sun Feb 20, 2011 2:58 pm

Hi guys, my first post here..
I'm not much of a DIY'er myself, but love to save money where possible, and will spend time and effort to do so. I will also have help and advice from friends and family in the trade.

My project is to build a table tennis table, a little optomistic for a first project, but willing to spend a few quid trying, rather than buying a stock one for over 300 quid.

I have all the gear and tools that i need, my only problem is the material for the playing surface. I have read that most branded tables use high density fibre board, of 1inch thickness. Usually in 2 halves 5foot x 4.5foot.

If I cant get High density fibreboard, It wouldnt be a problem to use MDF, or maybe even plywood of 1 ich thickness. I just can seem to find anyone who can supply sheets in this size, I can only find 4ft x 8ft which is no good. Any ideas where I can get anything 9x5, or at least 4.5 x 5 ?

Also is there some way I can "treat the wood" to make it waterproof so it can stay outside without weathering ?

If I can sort the playing surface out, I'm confident I can make the frame and supports. Thanks for any advice..

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by stoneyboy » Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:22 pm

You local timber merchant should be able to supply you with a 10x5 sheet of WPB plywood 22mm thick. It will cost you £70+ and it will need lots of coats of paint if you are going to leave it outside. Suggest you make a waterproof cover for it.

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