Hoover tumble dryer - water tank full error
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Hoover tumble dryer - water tank full error

Post by Tagged » Sat Mar 19, 2022 10:30 am

Hi folks first post here.

I have a hoover tumble dryer model number HL C9DF-80

It's showing the error where it thinks the water tank is full, I've rang hoover who suggest sending out an engineer which I can't afford at the moment unfortunately.

This has happened before where I've been able to clean out lint and it's restarted again OK, this time I've taken off the filter at the bottom which unfortunately hasn't helped either.

I'd be happy to try and take it apart and replace the faulty part myself but I'm a little unsure what part it is. Hoover suggested and from Google it seems to be a sensor?

Hoover did suggest I can buy the part online at hoovers pares.co.uk but I can't find it.

Could anyone suggest a fix or a solution or even point me to the right part?

Thanks a lot

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