Hotpoint Dishwasher On The Blink - Literally
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Hotpoint Dishwasher On The Blink - Literally

by Bobhenry » Fri Sep 03, 2021 8:36 pm

Hi - my daughter has a Hotpoint Aquarius FDL 570 with the following fault:
- Switch on - it drains, then fills the tank and then...
- Flashing lights: this is what is looks like:
(LEDs 1 and 3)
- And that's all that happens

This, I am told, is down to a pressure switch fault - BUT, I checked the switch. It operates fine: blowing in the tube causes the switch to close. The connecting rubber tube is also in good condition: I could blow through it no trouble.
So what is going on - any ideas?
Thanks :)

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