Hotpoint FDFEX 11011 dishwasher no water
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Hotpoint FDFEX 11011 dishwasher no water

by Supersmithy » Sun Feb 06, 2022 5:26 pm

Hi there,

I have a Hotpoint FDFEX 11011 dishwasher. When I run a cycle it first runs the drain and pumps through a bit of water (I've had this into a bucket and it's clean, all the waste lines are clear). The waste pump seems to work fine and the filter is spotless. I can then feel water running down the inlet line but on a cycle there's little to no water making it through into the unit itself. Certainly not to the rotary arms and no sound of a pump or similar. If I pull the door open halfway through there is some water in the bottom but not much. I also get a bit of steam from the drying cycle.

Could it really be just the inlet valve? Even though a small amount of water is getting through? Does the unit rely just on water pressure or is there also a water inlet pump that could be kaput?

Any help much appreciated.

Thank you.

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