How to Join Vertical Concrete and Timber Posts for Fence
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How to Join Vertical Concrete and Timber Posts for Fence

by stainl711 » Thu Jan 17, 2019 7:22 pm

I am replacing a feather edge fence on a boundary wall and want to utilise the existing square fence posts, even though they are not in prime condition. I am prepping these to hopefully get them in a better state and a little more weather proof.

The issue I have is these posts were originally connected to adjacent square concrete sunken posts, that rise about 10 inches above ground level and are directly adjacent to each timber post.

The timber posts have become detached. As these are vertical and the same shape/size, is there any way of firmly connecting them without having to drill through the concrete e.g. a sheath/tie, made of a robust and anti-corrosive material, that can tie these tightly together?

I would prefer not to have to attempt some form of drilling and screwing through concrete as my success rate in the past with this type of task has been very low.

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