How to remove pipe from toilet cistern to fix leak
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How to remove pipe from toilet cistern to fix leak

by ash_no3 » Wed Aug 09, 2023 1:57 pm


I've just returned home from holiday to a leaking toilet cistern upstairs and a flooded kitchen downstairs. I've identified the culprit and am now trying to replace the faulty part but am failing at the first step.

A metal sheathed flexible pipe has developed a leak where it joins a plastic part and so I'm trying to remove these. At one end of the short section of pipe is a large nut which I can unscrew but I cannot figure out how to release the other end. The end that I cannot release is a plastic part that joins the water supply from outside the cistern. I've tried just turning it to see if it unscrews and pulling it to see if it pulls off but no joy either way.

I appreciate it's difficult to describe so I've uploaded a few images.

Does this look vaguely familiar to anyone and if so do you know how I can release that email section of pipe so that I can replace it and at least get the toilet up and functioning again?

To make matters harder it's one of those horrible hidden cisterns that makes it a bit of a fiddle to access.
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Re: How to remove pipe from toilet cistern to fix leak

by stoneyboy » Wed Aug 09, 2023 10:15 pm

Hi ash_no3,
There is the white main body of the fitting and beyond this close to the side of the cistern there is a grey collar. You need to pull the grey bit evenly towards the white body to release the internal clamp ring. If you have a couple of bike tyre L shaped levers you may be able to get these between the grey ring and the cistern side.
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