How to Resize Images
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How to Resize Images

by TheDoctor4 » Mon May 14, 2012 4:13 pm

If you are familiar with the various types of image editing software around e.g. Photoshop, Microsoft Paint etc…. then you should know how to do this. If not there are several tutorials available that can walk you through the various methods of resizing and reducing image file sizes. They are as follows:

Microsoft Paint

If you do not have either of the above software items then don’t worry we can still get there. As standard most PC’s come with pre-installed software that will allow basic image editing. For PC’s running versions of Microsoft Office earlier than Office 2003 the software is called “Microsoft Photo Editor” and for PC’s running Office versions later than Office 2003 the software is called “Microsoft Office Picture Manager

In order to resize/reduce your image firstly locate the image in question (you may find it easier to place or copy the image to your desktop for easy location.

With the image located right click your mouse on it and select “Open With”. Now select either “Microsoft Photo Editor” or “Microsoft Office Picture Manager” and the image will now open in your chosen software.

To resize the image click on the relative link below for your chosen software:

Microsoft Photo Editor (scroll down to Resize an Image and also Change the Resolution of an Image)
Microsoft Office Picture Manager

If you do not have any of the above software available to you don’t panic!! There are several tools available online that will do this for you. They are as follows:

If you are still experiencing issues with the resizing of image please contact and we will assist you further

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