iGenix IG3860 mini fridge freezer not cooling
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iGenix IG3860 mini fridge freezer not cooling

by broken_fridge » Sat Jun 12, 2021 8:11 pm

Hi, I hope someone here might have an idea what's wrong with my fridge freezer. It seems to have broken down over the past few days. The compressor now runs continually, but the freezer is beginning to defrost and the food in the fridge is no longer cool.

The compressor makes its usual noise, but becomes very hot when it's running. The left hand side of the fridge (right of the picture) usually feel warm to the touch, which I assume is due to the coolant being cooled beneath the plastic, but not any more. The thin piping below, also doesn't feel warm.

I get the impression that the fridge isn't working because the coolant is no longer circulating. When the compressor is on and for a couple of minutes after I switch it off, I can hear fluid gurgling in the back of the fridge, which I don't recall hearing before. There is also some white gunk on the compressor (see attached image) which I'm pretty sure has been there for some time, but am not so sure hasn't built up over time.

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