Improving insulation of fitted wardrobes in chilly room
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Improving insulation of fitted wardrobes in chilly room

by McKendrigo » Wed Jan 05, 2022 4:21 pm


Our bedroom in our new home is a little chilly compared to other rooms. One likely culprit are the fitted wardrobes that run most of the length of the bedroom. These back on to the loft void, and are noticeably colder than the bedroom itself. I'm thinking of adding some additional insulation to these wardrobes in the hope this will help.

The cupboards are wooden on the inside, and covered with about 2" of loft insulation on the loft side (photos attached). I'm a total novice, but was thinking that adding some polystyrene or PIR panels to the interior walls of the wardrobe that back onto the loft and then covering those with some MDF panels?

I would appreciate any advice, as I don't know if that plan is a good idea or if there could be problems with e.g. moisture buildup that I don't forsee.


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Re: Improving insulation of fitted wardrobes in chilly room

by stoneyboy » Thu Jan 06, 2022 9:03 pm

Hi mckendrigo.
Your suggestion may well be successful but suggest you fit foil faced PIR boards and see if these improve things, before you go to the trouble of finish lining them.
Regards S

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