Indesit dif04b1 dishwasher won't work, but power on
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Indesit dif04b1 dishwasher won't work, but power on

Post by theposhcat » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:32 pm


We have an Indesit DIF 04b1 dishwasher.

This week it stopped mid cycle.

I removed the false door and was able to get it working but then it happened again.

By continuously opening and closing the door at different angles it worked again and went through a cycle but hasn't worked since.

Convinced it was the latch I bought a replacement but it still doesn't work.

The program lights come on and the program can be changed but when you close the door it should bleep to show the cycle is starting and it doesn't.

I'm convinced that the door is not closing properly but I can't see any gaps or issues.

Am I missing something, is there a sensor somewhere else?

Any help appreciated.



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