Indian Sand Stone Paving Best Filler Anti-Weed
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Indian Sand Stone Paving Best Filler Anti-Weed

by csgohan4 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:30 pm

I have had my recent patio done in Oct 2018 and and Indian stone paved. However I note there are weeds growing on the edges where there are gaps unfortunately. Gaps are are about 3mm+

Photo for reference

My plan i as follows:

1: Weed killer to kill roots as well
2: Pull out weeds
3; Use of joint filler sand

I am planning to use:

Which joint filler sand do you all find is better?, I chose above due to reviews on Amazon

What other tools do I need apart from a brush to brush it in?

I am almost tempted to put Weather grade grey silicone to fill the sides in, the paving is also grey colored and easier to do. But obviously wouldn't look good in between paving further in.

Your experienced thoughts would be great, thanks

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