Indoor and Outdoor Waste to Soil Pipe Connection for new Shower Waste
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Indoor and Outdoor Waste to Soil Pipe Connection for new Shower Waste

by mbristol » Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:57 am

I would like to carry some work regarding the waste pipe, connected to the soil pipe outdoor underground.
All works are carried within my lands.

I am upgrading my shower and therefore require a better litre/minute water outlet. My current network pipe doesn't provide enough slope for the shower waste pipe to achieve what my new shower will deliver.
The first option is to raise and build the shower tray on a step, in order to gain enough slope for the water waste to exit.
My second option (preferred), is routing the waste shower pipe directly through the wall and connect to the soil pipe outdoor, underground at a lower level to achieve enough slope.

My current existing network, the shower waste pipe is connected indoor to the soil pipe BEFORE it sink in concrete and BEFORE the pipe goes out of the building. Having such limits my shower waste slope, and therefore required the shower tray to be raised on a step in order to exit water properly.

My plan, i would like to exit the shower waste pipe directly outside the building and connect to the toilet soil pipe underground, outdoor, at a lower level to achieve the slope required for my shower water waste.

Is there any problem to do this work ? do i need to comply with regulations ? do i need to book an inspector ?

Thanks for advice.

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