Induction hob cable / installation
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Induction hob cable / installation

by Wildbird » Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:57 pm


I have just bought an induction hob (AEG 68002KF) to replace my old style electric Zanussi hob.

My concern is if I can use the same cable to connect my new hob.

The following is printed on the existing cable:
BASEC TO BS6004 6242YH 2x6+2.5mm 097 PX92

Old Zanussi is : 7 kw max
New induction hob: 7.4 kw (4 cooking zones)

Also, according to the scheme on the back of the induction hob, the brown wire should go into socket 1 and 2 (each socket is responsible for 2 cooking zones). There is only 1 (one) brown wire in the cable and it made out of 7 cooper (?) wires. My idea is to split these 7 wires into 3 and 4 and connect them into sockets 1 and 2 .

I actually have tested this already and it works, but I am not sure if it is safe to use it like this all the time.

Please advise / comment. Many thanks for your soonest replies.

P.S. You might say that I should call a professional electrician.. I probably should have. Unfortunately I have had so many problems with cowboy builders at my place recently and these are still unresolved that now I really afraid to ask anyone to come and do anything at my place. But this is another story.

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by ericmark » Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:30 am

In France they have two phases feed induction hobs which is why you have two feeds. Normally you just link both together with a short length of cable.

Normally one would use butyl flex (higher heat than standard flex) to feed a hob. In some cases using twin and earth may be OK but depends on how hot cable can get.

Careful to follow manufactures instructions as many induction hobs have a boost which means average current can be higher than standard hob so sharing supply with ovens can be a problem.

The same applies to supply fusing follow manufactures instructions some have maximum size of fuse/MCB which again means you can't share supplies with oven.
Some even require semi-conductor fuses.

Sorry to harp on but you do need to read manufactures recommendations on these as very different to old style hob. Including special magnetic pans etc.

I am told my mother's heart pace maker is OK. But some do have problems. Also other items may be affected.

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