Informing Building Control -official process?
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Informing Building Control -official process?

by Sparkydelux » Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:41 pm

Hi All,

I am an electrician helping a mate out on a new extension with electics and a new board etc.

Its a bit of a P.J as I mainly do commercial stuff. I have done all my certs and done part P course and 17th.

I am not registered with any governing body as yet but in the process of getting my portfolio done ie: 5 jobs up front then register according to NICEIC, as so they can asses me from there.

I was told by my mate that Building Control said the place would have to be tested by an independent company after I had tested. Is this correct? The job has been notified to BC and as far as I am aware readings and compliance certs will need to be issued to BC on completion and they come round to check. This is not a problem as I can issue all the certs correctly. As I am not with a governing body yet, I don't have free range to sign off.

Can anyone give me official advice on how this process works as I have spoken to quite a few people and the variations seem to change along the way?

It would help me clear up any confusion on this and get the story straight once and for all.

Information passed on is always appreciated,


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by kbrownie » Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:28 pm

I think some council work it differently to others.
My understanding is that they arrange for some one else to do
the test on completion of installation.

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by sparx » Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:31 pm

Hi Sparkydelux,
if your mate has already notified LABC of the work (& paid the fee) then anyone such as yourself can do the work and issue completion certs. which they MUST accept.
Their visits will be to check routing of cables etc at first fix & sleeving, bonding etc. at second fix, as LABC aren't usually qualified to do this themselves they will have an arrangement with a 3rd party electrical co. to do this, but they won't test or issue certs just a 'tick sheet' to say they have looked,
well this was my experience before I registered with NAPIT some years ago, things may have changed a bit but that's how it is supposed to work!
I still do mainly non-domestic work & mostly Inspection & testing so don't have much contact with LABC, but am doing a 'garage to annex' conversion at the moment for a builder and our local building inspector seemed really pleased I'm 'self certifying' as less work for him!
regards SPARX

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