Installing gas CH into a 2 bedroom flat
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Installing gas CH into a 2 bedroom flat

by rider1000 » Thu Jan 18, 2024 9:55 pm

Hi all
Looking to replace electric storage heaters with gas CH in a 2 bed flat.
This would be say 4 radiators, combi boiler, flue, install thermostat, leak test, fill, ad Fernox and finally commission.
I can source the parts quite cheaply myself so was looking for labour only.

I got a quote of £2800 PLUS VAT from a local firm.

I was staggered tbh. I am pretty handy DIYer and I calculated how much time it would take me to put the boiler on the wall, creating the flue exit, hanging 4 radiators, installing copper pipe. Leak testing, then commissioning and I got to about 3.75 days - Which if I gave a daily rate of 300 is £1125 then plus VAT.
(NB all pipework would be exposed)

And yes I know I can't fit the gas myself without being certified, but I could do everything else.

Am I kidding myself here? What comments would you folk make regarding the quote vs my estimates numbers of hours.

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Re: Installing gas CH into a 2 bedroom flat

by stoneyboy » Sat Jan 20, 2024 10:32 pm

Hi rider1000,
Accepting your time estimate because you know what is involved eg location of radiators, pipe runs, wiring etc, I would doubt you will find a gas engineer and his gopher for less than £100 per hour. Add to this the aggravation if anything you supply doesn’t work right or you’ve got the wrong bits or not enough. You will need to be a brave man going down the route you are describing.
Regards S ..

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