installing new downlighters into excisting ceiling lights?
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installing new downlighters into excisting ceiling lights?

by beano » Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:03 pm

i have a double 2 way switch controlling the hall and bathroom lights. i want to swap it for a tripple swith and have 3 downlighters run indipendantly on the third swith, the double socket has two twin cables (one with a black and red, one with two red cables, when taken out none of these are live. there is a single live cable that comes onto the swith?) i have managed to connect the two way for the landing light ok but am having trouble wiring in the downlighters, do i take a live feed from the rose to the third switch and then run it through the downlighters (daisy chaining it through the three bulbs then back to the neutral in the switch??

the switch has a common screw at each switch and then opposite that has 2 screws (1 way) and (2 way) confused wich one to conect live to and which to connect neutral???
do i use the 1 way part of the switch for the dowlighters??
please help?

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by kbrownie » Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:30 am

If you are installing these lights in bathroom comes under part p of building regs(notifiable work) or should installed by an electrician on domestic installers scheme. look at Projects page part p
If not take a live to your switch(com) via ceiling rose loop, then return switch wire(L1) to live side of light fittings then string across all live terminal on fitting to last light then return neutral from last fitting again across all neutral terminals on fittings then finish off by connecting to neutral terminal on ceiling rose.
Remember if not double insulated fitting it's likely a CPC(earth) cable needs to be connected across all terminals in this addition to circuit.

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