Joist and floor replacement after leak for years
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Joist and floor replacement after leak for years

Post by pdpark » Tue Feb 22, 2022 10:31 am

Unfortunately, whoever built my bathroom relied on that tiny strip of silicone and now after years of leaking the whole bathroom is destroyed.

I've been getting quotes from builders for replacing the joists and a new floor, and I've been getting from 1700 at the very lowest end to 8000, most saying around 4000-5000. This is way too steep for us! I was wondering if you knew what this sort of thing normally costs, and why many are not willing to either take the job or give a daily rate?

Otherwise, I'm also interested in doing this myself with your videos. I've not done any joist work before, is it relatively easy to do by yourself? I was wondering how I take this joist out (nails etc to masonry), and how I put a new one in. I couldn't find any extensive guides/videos on joist replacements, anyone able to point me to one?

Also, I've figured to use glue down luxury vinyl tiles for my flooring - am I right in thinking plywood first, then backerboard on walls and floor to tank, and then glue down vinyl on top of backerboard? But the backerboard is textured, will this be okay for glue down vinyl?


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Re: Joist and floor replacement after leak for years

Post by stoneyboy » Wed Feb 23, 2022 10:50 pm

Hi pdpark,
Probably best the treat the rotten timbers and then fit new ones directly next to the old ones. You will have to let new joist hangers into the wall at one end and hopefully find enough sound joist at the other end so you can bolt old and new together using toothed timber connectors between them.
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