keeping original concrete floor..
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keeping original concrete floor..

by geordiesworld » Fri Feb 20, 2009 2:33 am

Hello all. We are just starting a barn conversion on the farm. The original floor is solid concrete, not sure how deep, but it has no cracking anywhere and is very hard. It has supported over 50 tonnes of barley over the last 30 years in 2 grain bins, a load of about 1900 kg / square metre. It has been suggested that we dig up the floor to drop the height for insulation and increase headroom, and also so that the foundations of the sandstone walls can be shored up. I am not happy with this, as the building has not moved an inch in all these years I am worried that all these excavations will in fact unstablise the walls. We do intend taking out a substantial part of the gable to install a large full height window feature. This end of the building will need a steel structure to support the wall and roof, fair enough. What foundations would be necessary ? The building is 2 storey, 16 feet wide internally.
Any ideas thought much appreciated.

Many Thanks


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by elwood » Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:40 pm


Sounds like you have a lot of issues that need professional advice
you really should involve

Building control
Architeck/structural engineer

Also the BI will insist on floor insulation so yes the floor
will have to come up, but this will give you scope for underfloor heating

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