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by kevin0481 » Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:21 pm

Hi all...

I've just removed a very old strip light from the Kitchen and planned to put up a bog standard 4 light fitting...

On removing the strip light I've been left with the follwing !

3 reds into junction box - taped off

1 black same - taped off

2 blacks - went into the stip light but being an idiot , I cant remember if the went into the live or the netural... On thing is that they both went into the same

I then have 3 bare earth fittings from each cable wound together , due to me removing the lights on the lower floor of house are not working ...

Bottom line ... I cant get the light fitting to work , I've tried all varioations of above and put the 2 blacks into live and netural and separated however no avail....

Any help ??


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Project Manager
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by kbrownie » Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:10 pm

Hi Kevin0481,
Are you sure the black that is taped off is not a red indentification tag.
The reds should be together as you have stated
The earths should be not wound together but terminated in to either an earth terminal on your light fitting or a seperate one for there use only and sleaved with green and yellow pvc sleaving, go buy some!
Now the two blacks should go to blue flex side of light fitting and the one with the tape on should be terminated at the brown flex side. if i'm right about it being the switch live and that should do the trick.
Remember to isolate circuit before you do this.

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