Kitchen Relocation - Average cost?
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Kitchen Relocation - Average cost?

by HKL91 » Sun May 29, 2022 4:19 pm

We viewed a potential new home today but want to consider the potential costs involved to make it a suitable home for us. It is in need of modernising.
I've attached the current floor plan but want to know if anyone has had any experience of relocating a kitchen and the cost implications involved?
Ideally we'd like to turn the:
- Dining room into a living room
- Living room into a kitchen/diner
- Bedroom 2 would become an office
- kitchen and garage would become a master bedroom with en suite.
Sadly it also needs a new bathroom, the whole place potentially needs replastering too as some walls look like they're artex.

Any help / advice would be much appreciated as this is all new to us! Currently living in a new build so it's the complete opposite.
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