Kitchen side and rear single storey extension planning and works
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Kitchen side and rear single storey extension planning and works

by pedgepuk » Mon Nov 30, 2020 2:59 pm

Hi, newcomer to the forum here.

A few months ago I decided to plan for a side and rear single storey extension to increase the kitchen size. I've had an architect and planner for building regulations do the drawings which have been submitted to the local council, and hopefully will get the green light in under four weeks.

I've also instructed a Structural Engineer to provide the structural calculations which have now also been incorporated into the final drawings, and enable me to start getting some quotes from construction firms.

Having done this, at what point would it be best to employ a building control company rather than the local council? I've been advised to look at companies who can do this since the cost is less. Is it best to wait until planning have approved the application or employ them now to review the plans for building regulations, and get feedback in case of necessary changes?

Also, I'm looking at having the shell done to keep the costs down and since I'm pretty good at doing refurb jobs, except for plastering, I'm hoping to get the below done myself:
- Strip out/remove existing kitchen, flooring, plumbing, external paving etc
- Skirting and new flooring
- Kitchen to be installed by me
- Plumbing/gas will be done by a friend who's a gas engineer and plumber
- Internal decorating

Questions on other optional work:
- To keep the costs of the electrical work down, would there be reluctance if I did the channelling of cabling to each electrical point/lights, or is this a complete no no due to building regs?
- One construction firm has quoted for me to have a new consumer unit which is quite high. My consumer unit with RCD/MCBs is just over 5 years old after the previous owner had the property rewired. Would this be essential to replace?


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Re: Kitchen side and rear single storey extension planning and works

by stoneyboy » Wed Dec 02, 2020 10:40 pm

Hi pedgepuk
There is no reason why you should not do the first fix electrics but if holes are needed in joists make sure you get guidance from your electrical contractor.
Replacing your consumer unit is not necessary but as with all these things it will depend on who you get in.
Regards S

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