kitchen wiring
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kitchen wiring

by dpc » Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:34 pm

I am carrying out a small kitchen extension. 6.5 mts x 3mts.

I want 4x double socket outlets and a fused spur for dishwasher. Also 2 ceiling lights which switch's from each end of the kitchen and I need to able to turn lights on one at a time or both together from either end.

I am also having a heat sensor, mains fed. (Where does this feed come from, lights? Ring?

I was planning to break into the ring main from an existing socket crimping the wires as I will be sinking it into the render and taking the lights from a rose in the nearby hallway.

The earthing in my property is fine.

I have no formal domestic installation qualifications. Although I know the basic installation requirements.

I need to know what I am allowed to do myself under the part P regs and who I need to get hold of to carry out the work or inspect and who I need to inform.

Thanks for your trouble.

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by kbrownie » Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:58 pm

You need to inform your local building controls officer at least 30 days before you start work, as it is an extension you are building I assume you will be contacting building controls anyway . If so mention the electric then as it may save you money on the fee they charge.
They will inspect the work along the way and normally employee an independant person to check the electrics. some council are a little different, a certficate saying the work you have completed complies the the building regulation will be issued providing it does.
But what is the basic stuff? you sound like you are aware how to plan the wiring, but what about the testing of the installation? That's not basic but important!

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