Large wall to wall alcove shelf advice please?
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Large wall to wall alcove shelf advice please?

by Henryhetty » Fri May 22, 2020 11:26 am

Hi there,

I would really appreciate some advice on installing a couple of long wall to wall alcove shelves.

They would be in my utility room above a few cabinets with a oak worktop (finished with Osmo clear Matt). The shelves will be used for general laundry room stuff (linen, detergents, cleaning products etc).

I want them to go wall to wall (1.82m) and be @ 300mm deep.
I would be looking to finish them to blend in with the existing worktop too....and preferably supported by battens on back and sides.
Is it possible to build a shelf this long with battens? If so, what thickness of wood and depth of shelf would actually work (I’m thinking maybe American oak to get a closer match to worktop)? Also, what size battens and fixing intervals would I need?

Alternatively, if battens won’t work, and I go for brackets, what thickness should I be considering for a shelf of @300mm depth please? And would I need more than one intermediate bracket in addition to the end ones?

Currently, as our only local woodyard has nothing and has just reopened for pickup orders....I would be looking to order something online to be cut to order and delivered. Therefore, to save me an expensive cock-up, I thought it best to ask the experts first!

Many Thanks...Patrick

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