Laying around 15 heavy 3 by twos
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Laying around 15 heavy 3 by twos

by gibbsy09 » Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:00 pm

Hi I have an odd shaped bit of ground behind my fence, that had crazy paving that was uneven, and weeds coming through, so I ripped them up and now I'm laying around 15 old council slabs, 900mm by 600mm in there place.

There's sand there from before but I'll be laying some fresh sharp Sand as well, I don't plan on using any kind of hardcore, as a friend who used to do patios for homers,
said it's not necessary as I'm using the big heavy slabs, and it keeps the cost down and I got the slabs free.

There's slabs also adjacent to where my new slabs are going so that gives me my level, and this is the advice my friend has given me he says it is idiot proof lol, so I just have to take that on the chin, but I am a complete novice that is a fact, so here's the plan.

Firstly I'll be doing one strip at a time, first strip is around 2 1/2 slabs second 3, and last strip maybe 3 1/2 to 4, so I've to dig down to 20mm to 30mm below bottom level of the adjacent slab base as that's my level, hope that makes sense, then lay a strip of weed membrane for my first strip or row of slabs, then put sharp Sand on top of membrane, next dot, dab method, with 4-1 sand cement, then place the slabs and complete one row, then repeat the whole process again this time using the slabs I've layed as a guide.

The reason he told me to do it this way was not to get technical, and have to check levels with strings, because obviously it's uneven, this is my best approach.

What do you think is this a good way to go I think it could work if I follow it and pay attention, the only thing that has me worried is the dot, dab method as I know this way splits people's opinions, and I'm not using hardcore or any solid base, but bare in mind it's not a patio, but I will walk on it from time to time to go out to the shed and what not, if it works out pretty straight and level I'll be happy, but will it last is my concern?

Or should I forget the mortar base and just lay on sharp Sand, I have ten bags of cement, that needs to be used, to free up space lol, and the friend obviously said to employ the dot, dab method, because these buggers are heavy, and it would be harder for a novice to get a flat mortar bed, hence more lifting and laying, and no he can't help as he's just not up to it so I'm on my jack Jones, lastly if I just used sharp Sand would it then be impossible to point the joints, because of micro movements in the slabs, any advice much appreciated, Thanks.

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Re: Laying around 15 heavy 3 by twos

by stoneyboy » Fri Sep 25, 2020 10:39 pm

Hi gibbsy09
Suggest you lay full width of weed membrane joins will allow weeds to get out!
Also try both methods of laying slabs and see which suits you best.
Regards S

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