Laying flags over existing aged and worn concrete
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Laying flags over existing aged and worn concrete

by iamdash » Mon Jun 08, 2020 9:12 am


We have a summer house constructed on a concrete slab. There is a section of the slab that comes out in front of the summer house that I would like to make good, and onto which I would like to lay some pavers/flags. This is the first project of this type I am attempting mostly unfamiliar with the processes. Photos attached.

The dimensions of this area are:

720mm depth
4200mm width
There is then around an 80mm vertical gap from the slab to the doors. So that would seem like plenty of space for flags.

So my plan is to pressure wash the surface to clean it and get rid of all loose bits, and then I think I have three possible options. Out of the three below, which it the best option. In all instances, I think I will need to recreate the wooden frame around the area and then:

1) Pour in exterior levelling compound (something like Setcrete?) and then lay the flags on top using mortar
2) Manually level out with fresh concrete (and a bonding agent?)
3) Apply the mortar directly to the existing concrete onto which I can lay the flags (I assume this might not be the best option)
Possible 4) As per options 1 or 2, but just use sharp sand and polymeric sand for the joints?

Any advice as well as extra tips or gotchas much appreciated.



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