light fixing problem - fuse keeps flipping
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light fixing problem - fuse keeps flipping

by Steigster100 » Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:11 pm


Having difficulty installing new light fitting in hall way.

Hall way has two light fittings, both turned on at same time by one of two switches.

Two cables, each with one earth, one live and one neutral, come down from the ceiling. I have successfully installed light fixings when there is only cable to attach but have not encountered two cables before.

Stupidly, i just twisted black wires together, reds together and earths together, before proceeding to connect to the fixing. This of course flipped the fuse. As a result, one of the light switches now doesn't properly click.

After doing some googling, i have now connected the two red wires together, independent of the actuall fixing. I have twisted the earths together and connected to the fixing. And I have connected one black wire to the neutral connector and the other black wire to the live connector. From what i have read, this seemed to be the right wiring... (?)

The fuse box allows me to flip the fuse back to 'on' but it fuses again when I try to switch the light on.

What am I doing wrong? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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by sparx » Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:52 pm

Hi first you need to replace the damaged 2way switch,
there are a couple of things here to check : are you sure there wasn't another cable at the light?
The two cables could be either feed in and switchline out or switch line in and loop to other light.
To be more certain you need to look in the 2 switches and see what cables there are in each, then repost,

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