Light Switch Loop wiring
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Light Switch Loop wiring

Post by Speno » Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:15 am

Can anyone help?

I am moving a light switch (as a result of changing the hanging of a door to open to the right) and have noticed that all the loop wiring is through the switch rather than the ceiling rose. Is this normal?

The switch I am moving is on the opposite side of the wall to another switch and the two switches are looped together. My question however is that the switch on the other side of the wall (which I am not moving) has 4 cables? I can understand why there would be three (2 circuit and 1 switch) but why 4?

An explanation from an expert would be greatly appreciated!



Post by ericmark » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:15 pm

Although switches may be combined as two and three gang it is normal to keep wiring to each switch independent to avoid EMC problems.
Where original lighting was extra low voltage it is common to use switch box as junction box as many consider junction boxes under floor boards contravene the regulations saying they must be accessible.
As with many of the regulations there is no black and white only shades of gray and some would consider if cables are moved either the new cables will need to be of Ali-tube type or protected by a RCD as any alteration must follow BS7671:2008 but existing cables can comply with regulations in force when they were fitted.

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