Lighting help required
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Lighting help required

by stcybranet » Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:08 pm

Hi this is my first post so please be gentle! I have just fitted a new bar spotlight type light to the dining area of my kitchen/diner. After some fun and games it now works. However. when I switch on the kitchen light (florescent tube), the spotlight glows until the kitchen light starter kicks in (about 2 seconds) and the spotlight goes off. If I switch the spotlight on it works fine. Any ideas?


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by kbrownie » Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:53 pm

You've got your cables mixed up!
Your cables coming from the ceiling void should be connected as follows:
All line conductors should be looped in, so they are connected together (old colours are red and new ones are brown) in either the ceiling rose loop in terminal or in a seperate terminal block. Don't confuse this with the live terminal on the fitting!

The neutral(s) black(old), brown(new) should be connected to the ceiling rose neutral terminal or at blue flex side of light fitting usually marked "N" for neutral

The switch wire which should have a flag on(red or brown sleeve or insulation tape) the cable colour is likely to be black(old) blue(new) these should be connected to Live terminal on ceiling rose or brown flex side of fitting marked "L" Not to be confused with loop in line conductors!

Note that the switch wire although it maybe the same core colour as the neutral it is not a neutral but a live conductor that is why it sholud be marked/flagged up.
All earths should be terminated together at earth terminal connection on rose or fitting marked with "three horizontal lines in decreasing size and a vertical line"

Some wiring systems are a little different so if yours is, reply with core colours from ceiling and termination on fitting.

Be safe and isolate circuit before you carry out work.

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