lightish colour to compliment a dark grey
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lightish colour to compliment a dark grey

by realalefan » Thu Feb 03, 2022 7:50 pm

Hello all.
/my wife and myself own a terraced property where we have decided to put a dark patterned /grey wallpaper over the Chimney breast and alcoves. We also bought some light grey wallpaper to do the rest of the room. We ended up removing that as it just looked like a light blue paper. We have decided to buy an anaglypta to cover the other walls.
We need a colour to go with the grey, no more bluish greys. We could do with a stone colour or a slightly beige. I used what was left in a tin we had and it looked quite decent, it was a colour by Dulux called Cookie Crumble, that now seems to have been discontinued. Has any one got some ideas or advice as what colour.
Thanks in advance.

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