Lime Mortar Torching Advice and Ventilation
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Lime Mortar Torching Advice and Ventilation

by Emrob » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:04 pm


We have a 1930s house with a tile roof without any felt. It has lime mortar torching which falls constantly. We only use the loft for storage but I'd like to stop everything getting covered in the mortar. I have a few questions as I've had some existing advice from roofers:

Is it ok to have the tile roof with very poor quality lime mortar- there's huge areas now where there isn't any left?

I'd like to put something up against the rafters to catch the torching so it doesn't ruin everything were storing up there and cause such a mess when we open the loft hatch. Is it ok to use a breathable roofing felt or would some sort of breathable fabric be better? I'm very conscious that I don't want to cause problems with ventilation or fail to spot any leaks. Someone suggested I could just plasterboard it but would this cause problems with ventilation/missed leaks?

I'd like to increase the loft insulation but have heard problems about "cold roof" causing damp either at the level of the felt or at the level of the insulation. Is it best just to leave it with the current insulation at it is which doesnt seem to cause problems at the moment?


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