Low Voltage Halogen System
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Low Voltage Halogen System

by Lavondys » Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:42 am


IM working on a project using low voltage systems. I Already have in use a Low Voltage LED system consiting of 9 Led Decking Lights that are housed in a 6 ft long piece of timber that is situated in a recess.

I wish to now add some Halogen Downlighters to this project.

I have found these:

Google "cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170341512857&_trkparms=tab%3DWatching"

What i want to do is end the wiring with a plug and not wire these into the main lighting circuit.

Ive done this to the low voltage halogen lights down stairs and they seem to work with no problem. The ones where you have to power wires running from one side of the room to the other. A transformer is then attached to these wires to power the lights.

Would this be safe to do?? The wood is completely enclosed so there's no ventilation as such but i dont see this being a problem

Thanks in advance

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Project Manager
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by kbrownie » Thu Jun 18, 2009 7:52 pm

Fixed wiring should be hard wired and don't confuse low voltage with extra low voltage low.
You should follow manufacturers instruction what do they recommend and the dos and don'ts.

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