LPA Parking Standards and Car Parking Space
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LPA Parking Standards and Car Parking Space

by mph64 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:00 pm

LPA Parking Standards say I have to retain 3 off-street car parking spaces following any extension I might add. To meet this requirement means I have included a new double garage down the side of the house but projecting forward of the existing building line. (The house is a funny shape so that is not an issue Planning have indicated).

However this means that there is now a 3.3m x 5.0m area of hard standing immediately outside the front door which is bounded on 2 sides by brick walls.

This is large enough to comply with the requirements of a car parking space, giving me the 3 I need for Planning. However will I fall foul of Building Regs requirents relating to fire safety and access? if I park a car there it means that there is a walkway 500mm between the car and brick walls and a 450 mm clear space between the front of the car and the front door of the house.

Any comments gratefully received,