Making your own insulated plasterboard?
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Making your own insulated plasterboard?

by AzK » Thu Dec 08, 2022 1:07 am

I bought a couple of insulated plasterboards from Wickes a year or so ago and they were £40 each which I thought was expensive as they weren't amazing quality to begin with, but they were the only option they had.

Everyone else seems to only sell in bulk or is collection only

I've needed some more and they have gone up to almost £60.

Considering the quality wasn't that good (the foam backing seemed to easily fall away when cutting the boards to size, I was considering making my own.

Has anyone done this or would they reccomend it? I was thinking to buy a standard plasterboard and then to glue eps/xps polystyrene to them and then dot and dab these to the walls.

Any advice would be welcomed.

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