Makta 10.8v Drill Form Factor Comparison
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Makta 10.8v Drill Form Factor Comparison

by MDM » Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:58 am

Does anyone have any opinions on which form factor is better between a) the black and white set (LCT204W) and b) the blue 2.0ah set (CLX202J)?


According to the spec sheet on Makita's website, the black and white set are 1kg and 0.92kg respectively whilst the blue ones (CLX202J) are 1.3kg and 1.2kg.

Yes, the latter have 2.0ah batteries and slightly higher torque but I already ave my 18v set when that's needed so I'm more looking for ergonomics and ease of use. I would have assumed lighter is better but am in theory thinking the following pro's and cons:

1: White ones have a simple and small form factor so you might be able to slip them into your pocket whilst working, they wouldn't take much space in a bag and would pull other things out and get caught in other things when you pull them out (as no clip or sticking out parts.

2: Blue ones might be better balanced with more weight at the bottom so feel better in the hand. It's possible the white ones, despite being lighter, feel less comfortable as the weight distribution is poor.

3: The blue ones stand up on the battery.

If anyone has used both or compared them, your thoughts will be appreciated.


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