Massage corner bath thermostat
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Massage corner bath thermostat

by Filbertfox » Mon Mar 13, 2023 10:14 pm

Hi I have inherited a corner massage / jacuzzi bath which has a fault I assume with the thermostat as will only run cold.
It has a 3 tap arrangement with the far left tap the temp the middle flow /on off and right tap a water direction between tap shower and waterfall and fine spray.
My question has anyone else has something similar and can I change the thermostat (ie is it a cartridge?) without taking the whole tap assembly out from under the bath and by accessing from the top? I’ve removed the top plastic from the thermostat tap but other than a brass centre spindle I can’t see anything that looks like it can be unscrewed.
Bath is sealed into the wall with tiles and boxed in by a stud wall so access and bath removal not really possible!
I’ve looked online and can only see a complete 3 tap assembly it even looks like you need to isolate water as water pressure runs to thermostat then the on off tap Help!!

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