MDF and Double Glazing for Office Phone Booths
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MDF and Double Glazing for Office Phone Booths

by tmino » Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:24 pm

Hi, we want to make our own office phone booths because they're too expensive. Two questions on soundproofing:
1) For the frame, we are opting for 25mm MDF because it's good for painting. Is there any other material that has better soundproofing properties? Even if not a wood composite. Is it worth using thicker MDF or it won't make too much difference? Weight is also a consideration. Inside we want to apply some foam to reduce any echo.
2) For the door, similar to windows, we were thinking of trying something like double glazed acrylic / Plexiglas panels. What is the minimum recommended distance between the two glass panels? And any thoughts on the minimum thickness of the glass panels so they don't crack easily but are thick enough to reduce sound (but again weight is a consideration). We were thinking of 5mm or 8mm. Is there a difference if you do one that's say 3mm and the second one is 8mm? E.g. do different thicknesses filter out different sounds / wave lengths?


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