Mid-Port BGMVSP-23 Valve Issues
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Mid-Port BGMVSP-23 Valve Issues

by DJM-007 » Mon May 09, 2022 1:21 pm

Hi All,

Hopefully an easy one but I think I may have an issue with our mid-port valve BGMVSP-23 with the heating coming on when the thermostat is not calling for it. I have tried to search for a similar issue but couldn't find a situation that quite matched.

Originally I thought it may be the frost stats as it started in the winder and the boiler is in the garage and then I had read that the Honeywell version of these valves can sometimes produce a rouge 60v voltage that can cause the Worcester boiler that we have to fire up when not calling for heat.

Now that the weather has finally got a bit warmer I have truned off the heating via the programmer completely but the rads are still heating up however this does seem to be whenever the hot water is on. I have checked the valve and the leaver on the side is in the 'W' position.

Question is, does this sound like I need a new valve? I did take it off previously and the actuator did appear to be working fine however the spindle on the valve did not move 'freely'. I struggled to move this by hand.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.