Mould like speckles on freshly tanked wall
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Mould like speckles on freshly tanked wall

Post by amberbronte » Sun Jul 04, 2021 10:54 am

Im buying a property that’s recently had an indoor wall tanked and plastered after damp was flagged on the survey.
It’s a basement flat in a Victorian building and the wall in question is an outer wall of the building that looks like it hasn’t been looked after. Wallpaper was up when we
last visited last month so we don’t know if there was any signs of mold underneath.
The work was finished just over 2 weeks ago and some dark grey spots have appeared through the drying plaster when we went to have a look at it yesterday, they’ve only appeared on the bottom half of the wall and is worse towards the floor. It’s a concrete floor but
I’ve had a conversation with the vendors and they said they believe it’s the moisture from the tanking slurry bleeding through the plasterboard to the surface,
Other walls within the property have also been plastered and have no spots appearing, but none of the others needed tanking applied so it could well be. But I’m concerned due to the state of the other side of this wall, that the job might not have been done well enough. The plasterers gave a 10 year guarantee etc but I’m worried that it might be a bigger job than they anticipated, or that it could potentially be a floor issue as the main issue noted was that it’s a rising damp.
I’ve attached a photo of the worst area, I’m just wondering if anyone’s had this before and can verify the cause ?

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Re: Mould like speckles on freshly tanked wall

Post by stoneyboy » Mon Jul 05, 2021 9:37 pm

Hi amberbronte
It is not possible to suggest the cause of these patches without a detailed specification of the works carried out.
If the tanking is defective the problem can only be solved by redoing the tanking.
Sorry it’s not good news.
Regards S

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