Mould spots on bathroom wall around window
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Mould spots on bathroom wall around window

by Tinga » Sat Dec 22, 2007 12:26 pm

I have a small patch of mould spots appearing around my bathroom window. I live in a 1st floor flat and don't have central heating so understand this is due to condensation.

I leave the window vents open all the time, open the windows after showering and put on the extractor fan and towel rail to warm the bathroom but as my partner and i shower everyday each we have alot of condensation.

My main concern is trying to reduce it but i would also like to paint over it. Can i do this? I have heard of damp proof paint but i don't want to just paint straight over it in case i make it worse.

Thanks :)

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by john9159 » Mon Dec 24, 2007 11:07 pm

Has the window got silicone seal around the inside?
It's common for the sealant to go mouldy eventually; difficult to say when this will happen as it depends on the level of condensation.
If it is sealed then just rake out (or cut out with craft knife) and replace the sealant with mould resistant type, it's easy enough to do but you will need to buy an applicator gun and sealant, cost about £10 for the two. You can remove any stubborn silicone with special purpose remover.
Refer to the following DIY Doctor link:
Sealant around the windows, bath, shower etc is quite vulnerable to going mouldy and unavoidably so. Try to get used to running a cloth around the ares quickly to remove excess water.

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