Moving ceiling rose
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Moving ceiling rose

by pipk62 » Sat Sep 27, 2008 6:58 pm

Just want a clarification as to whether I can carry out this simple task, and advice if forthcoming.

I have a ceiling light that I am taking down, but I wish to remove the rose and move it elsewhere in the room.

The route of the new cable would go through a wooden beam

I have been given some advice, but I am unsure whether it is correct...

I have been told that I am able to put a junction box where the ceiling rose is (this is possible without it being seen as there will be a fitted shelving system that runs under where the rose is) this will allow me to simply run a spur to wherever I want, and should there be any requirement in the future to check the connection it would be accesible without difficulty.

As for the wooden beam, I should use a 10/12 auger bit exactly in the centre of the beam, which is at its point of least stress.

This is all to double check what I have been told, as I'm unsure of what the new regulations say.


by ericmark » Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:50 pm

What you account does seem OK until you get to what new regulations say. I will try to give you a condensed version.
1) To dissipate heat cables need to be clipped or otherwise held to a cool surface this is mainly due to the possibility that latter insulation is added.
2) The cable must either surface or buried more than 50mm or of a type where if a nail of similar is knocked through it a short to earth will be created or protected by a RCD.
Without seeing any job one can make errors and what I would say is use common sense. I believe there is a 1/3 rule on drilling beams and they should only be drilled in the centre 1/3 of it’s span.
There are junction boxes that don’t use screws but have a spring clip arrangement which are permitted to be used where there is no access.

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