New Build Property and Part M Patio Door
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New Build Property and Part M Patio Door

by cy666 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:30 pm


I am new to this forum and would like some advice on few questions. I am not a builder but i will try and describe the issue.

I have rear patio doors where the internal floor is almost flush to the patio outside due to part M regulations. Luckily i did not get the flooring in, I had some water leakage into the property (damp concrete floor around the patio door). I believe the patio door is built where the DPC starts (assuming the DPC is where the smooth bricks start before becoming normal rough brick??)
I've measured the 'Smooth' brick height and they are 150mm from ground level which I believe is within regulation. However, does the internal house floor need to be above this?

Due to the flush exit from the double patio doors to the patio, what is the regulation for part M in regards to a slope/gradient away from the house towards the garden? I believe the lack of slope is causing the water to get into the property. There is a soak away around the property, however the garden is on a slope where water will flow towards the house.

I want to know how i can prevent water getting into the property and where i stand with the house builder.

Everyones answer will be much appreciated.

Thank You

welsh brickie
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Re: New Build Property and Part M Patio Door

by welsh brickie » Fri Nov 18, 2016 6:09 pm

for the concrete floor to be damp, I suspect that the patio doors have not been bedded on silicone sealant. This is a common fault on new build properties.
As for water getting into the property, Unless there is severe pooling on your patio surrounding your property, after heavy rain, then the builder wont do anything

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